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  1. Jordy7

    This team ain’t never winning the league GIRLFRIEND 🤌🏼

  2. Trigger Man

    Mark is jokes: Manchester United are the pimped up West Brom. 🤣🤣👍

  3. MUFC 2006

    We need sancho more than haaland we need someone who can create for our strikers

  4. dredrev

    20:09 literally reading from my comment on the last video here...(not saying he is ofc i'm just saying I had the same point) Exept United can't just park the bus and get a draw, or are you saying their defence is actually good enugh? Playing counter attacking football was Fergussons way of dealing with most big teams i don't understand these "long time" fans of United that don't seem to remeber how United played in the 90s and early 2000s. And saying United can only do counter attacking football nowdays is one of the neanderthal arguments of the ole out brigade along with calling him a P.E. teacher and saying he can't improve players when he was at the United academy when players like Rashford, Pogba and Lingard where there and he started Erling Haalands career...

  5. peter devaney

    sure I might be a car enthusiast but doesnt mean I will be q car mechanic....its the same with ole and manager/ player convo

  6. John Fulco

    Our manager situation is the same as our transfer struggles. Great managers were / are available, but instead we stick with an unqualified manager not good enough for United. We took sancho alternatives just like we stick with a manager clearly under the level of Poch, Tuchel, Naggelsmann, allegri, etc...

  7. Kameel Mezqueldi

    AGENT P!

  8. S G

    terrible singing

  9. Abdullah Al Yaseen

    Torierra now oh my allah 🥱

  10. Sonny Blundell

    He should go we will never win anything with pogba

  11. Brudda AK

    Martial not starting against Chelsea should be an indication that his not good enough, if only we had Cavani we could had probably won, really needed a target man.

  12. Teach United

    If Pogba stays,this will be the end of the clubs summer transfer imo.

    1. Callum Pettitt

      we're keeping Pogba cos he's a top player. End of

  13. Maverick Ibanez

    Mark you should sing more on your show

  14. Jimbo O brown

    Please god no sell Pogba

  15. TheImaginaryBeing

    Pogba is good but, but we have seen now for years he has not had the impact needed for us to succeed. All you have to do is look at Bruno’s influence to see this... just because someone is talented doesn’t mean they are the right person. We need a cb and a cdm and quick. Let’s get back to one defensive midfielder and start getting the ball forward, then we can utilise our attack and use players like Donnie and mctominay in the way they deserve

  16. shane brattsel

    United's board is so dumb yet still they can't make a proper signing.

  17. Tomislav Klauski

    Why would Pogba stay? So we can debate about him leaving and about what is his best position on the pitch. Again and again

  18. Michael Forde

    Why on earth would Pogba sign a new contract, he's free to discuss a deal with any club in January. He will get his 400k and go to Madrud or Juve or wherever he wants to go.

  19. Lee Maïtuerø

    Christian falk from athletic says,We are targeting a CB and a striker not a RW or CDM or RB.If you ask me,I'll get a good creative CM who also defends well and a experienced CB over any other.Rather give greenwood a shot at 9 and sell martial.

  20. Colin Greig

    Sell him, cut the losses and get a replacement whose going to play a whole season.

    1. Callum Pettitt

      ahahahah unlucky Colin pal. He's staying and thank god cos we are DOGSHIT without him

  21. Smileythekid #

    Donny van de Beek +20 mil for varane?

  22. Smileythekid #

    Donny van de Beek +20 mil for varane?

  23. Darryl Bingham DB82

    We seriously need a real out and out striker

  24. Ben Goss

    Imagine a summer keeping pogba, haaland 100m (our budget) then selling martial for funds to get a CB, the perfect summer

  25. Kurtee

    I'd be happy if we didn't sign a rw and let Daillo have a chance if it sees Greenwood play cf more and occasionally rw only if we sign a cb and cdm and sell de gea

  26. Battlefield 5 Alive

    Haaland coming to Utd, don't make me laugh. :) :) :)

  27. Chris Wood

    Pogba needs to go for so many reasons, unfortunately no one can afford him so he wants to stay now

    1. Callum Pettitt

      Why does he need to go? do you realise we are fucking shitee without him? do you even know what you're on about Chris

  28. Richard Stainer

    Based on the last few seasons points totals for winning the league, picking up an average of one point per game against the top six wouldn't win the league even if you went perfect against everyone else. Setting up not to lose is flawed from the outset.

  29. cedric DCunha

    Pogba and his agent are both mercenaries and not really wanting to stay at Man U !!!

  30. Lewis Brannigan

    I think its about have two world class midfield to split people from 2v1 bruno every game need to see pogba pulling defence open more 🤔

  31. mark houston

    So we haven't progressed since jose ,that's a good enough reason to sack ole

  32. eromosele ebozele

    I’d offer Pogba 300k a week for three years

  33. Maax1200

    please, for the love of god, sell Pogba. He is NOT one of the best in the world ffs. We need a Bruno level player not a plonker who changes his mind more often than a girlfriend. Besides he is "injury prone" (more like moody).

  34. Siddharth sharma

    Mark and his analogies . Hits too close to the heart sometimes

  35. Areif12 12

    If Pogba stays, we can still sell lingard, pereira, dalot, and Jones. Maybe get 50m with all them combined. Should even look at selling one of our midfielders either Matic or Fred then sign a class CDM, a fast CB, and a creative winger. What am I saying, that’s too many deals for Woodward to complete in one window.

  36. cedric DCunha

    Why doesn’t Ole let Man U play like when he was first in as temporary manager, now too afraid to attack and prefers not to lose rather than go out to WIN !!!

  37. Vishnu Kulkarni

    4k away from a million

  38. Bra Ciyee

    Mark you need to lower the volume on that intro , even dogs can hear you

  39. Ben Goss

    Curious on others opinions how would you guys take a summer getting sancho and haaland (I know impossible) but not getting a CB or CDM

  40. Ebraheem Al Shatti

    He should leave- we let him down. No player will want to play with McFred with him. Look at KDB at city.

    1. Ebraheem Al Shatti

      @Thomas Gundersen Ikr, these people are too quick to jump on a player. They give bruno the excuses pogba never got! Which by the way i agree with, bruno and pogba deserve to play with better players.

    2. Thomas Gundersen

      What a mature comment.

  41. Wiggo Tengesdal

    I think to drop Martial actually shows that ole can drop a favorite and that he can be ruthless if players do performance that isn’t good enougth. Greenroom is the future and the future nr9 so I do prefer him there and rashy right martial left

  42. Ivan Donson

    What stops Pogba from running his contract down if we dont sell him ?

  43. Keith Mc Auley

    Rashford and Martial are clinical!!! Hahaha, come on and wake up. MUFC for life but that's stupid.

  44. S Peled

    If pogba wants to leave he will run his contract down . No point signing new one

  45. Colin Clarke

    Pogba has been offered a new contract but this news of him being "open" to signing it is, in my opinion, coming from the club to keep his price up. The only way Pogba will sign is if there is a release clause inserted and United don't like that. Haaland will cost too much this summer and our budget won't make it a sensible deal. And I think Varane WILL stay at Real Madrid. Just my pennies worth

  46. Anthony Johnson

    Mark we cannot play only young players; You need Experienced leading players like Matic,Mata,Pogba, Fernandez and Cavani (;and an experienced CB- when we get one) on the Pitch to guide players like Rashford,Martial,Greenwood,Mctominay and our backline on the right path to winning Glory !

  47. Ur marj

    I’d love haaland here but I don’t think it’s a priority , we have cavani , and martial and a very good up and coming striker greenwood,I would rather get sancho so he could teach rashford how to create service the strikers and we would win more games and get more goals, and apparently we haven’t had a RW in 10 years 😳😳

  48. Chisenga Kunda

    Really wanted Ole to be great at United, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to back him. He keeps making the same mistakes which shows he isn’t learning anything yet that’s the whole argument for Ole, “He’s learning in the job”. Clearly he isn’t, Ole out at the end of the season, no matter what we do for the rest of the season.

  49. Tanaka Pawandiwa

    It’s when he suddenly breaks into song for me 🤣😆

  50. mowekelvin

    Mark's singing has improved.... a little

  51. Domenic

    mark singing in his prime sign him up

  52. Kieran Camody

    Pogba is going he is faking an injury to leave at the end of the season

  53. r Nehan

    4k more subs needed

  54. Domjayceon


  55. Domjayceon


  56. We Breathe Football

    however many people hate pogba, our best runs and most impressive football occur when he's in the team.

    1. Thomas Gundersen

      True, but to get further as a team we should sell IMO.

  57. Ivan Cruz

    Don't desperately need signings like you think, Ancolotti makes this squad title genuine contenders. Tactics are what we desperately need.

  58. JCampbell1010

    They won’t push Martial out for the same reason Mata got a new contract. They don’t want to spend to replace. Martial is worth far more than Lingard or Mata as such his replacement costs are higher...

  59. Anthony Johnson

    Haarland will get service if we get him along with a pacy, aerially dominant, ball playing CB,a young,pacy,ball playing,CDM and plus or minus Greylish if Diallo does not step up !

  60. Joshua G

    Sometimes I think Mark would be a better manager then skolsjaer lmao

    1. Christopher White

      And a better CEO for united. And dof

  61. Jack Linford

    Don't want varane

  62. Rafique Solomon

    Spot on Mark. Ole is a one trick pony. The lack of subs on Sunday showed that. Now when are you gonna just come out and say it, Ole Out. We know you want to. Ain't no shame in it. This is Ole the manager not Ole the player.

  63. Dale Hooley

    Draws against the top 6 are fine, they're good results (unless you're City), what's frustrating is "the way they're being played". Boring football. Not scoring enough. Not even attacking enough. Chelsea in particular were there for the taking (you could even argue City were, as well, in December) and they were more worried about leaving the back 6 exposed if they didn't capitalise on an attack. Risks need to be taken.

  64. mark houston

    We won't get top 4 but ole won't get sacked ,Ed loves a yes man.

  65. Alan Kenny

    Have to sell him in the summer. He won't sign a new contract and then will be free to talk to clubs in january.

  66. Alan Koh

    Mark’s transfer talk is getting earlier and earlier before season end. 🥴

  67. mark houston

    Why does mark think there's so many ole outers,negative football

  68. DamianBrowne

    Great video! Love the group shows, we need more of these (including the Sunday show with Beth and Ricky etc) on other days please :)

  69. Aiden

    Pogba seems so injury prone though

  70. Vinny Mag

    Man City are playing well because they're used to having no fans in the stadium, unlike UTD

    1. Manan Sethi

      @ronan coffey city 🔵🔵🔵🔵

    2. ronan coffey

      @Raphael John who u support

    3. ronan coffey

      @Manan Sethi who u support

    4. Manan Sethi

      If u go by this logic then u haven't won LEAGUE from past 8 yrs with fans in the ground

    5. Raphael John

      I’m gonna bite and say you guys don’t even play well with fans in your stadium 😂

  71. Lebogang Sethibe

    HELLO EVERYBODY WELCOME TO THE UNITED STAND!!!! this intro needs to be at a lower volume....Love the work, keep up

    1. flow

      Bro my ears be ringing louder than the my smoke alarm 😂😭😭

    2. Lebogang Sethibe

      @Bra Ciyee 🤣🤣🤣

    3. Bra Ciyee

      Yoo 😭😭 so I’m not the only one . He be yelling in the beginning it’s soo annoying

  72. Mohammad Azzayed

    Finally united fans realized that ole is not good enough he must be sacked in the summer and name a single club in the premier league will take ole is their manger ?!

  73. Mhavss15

    Bro your not getting haaland or varane just get that out your head Man U fans

    1. Mhavss15

      @Lee Maïtuerø bro I’m just saying that Man U cannot attract them high calibre players like haaland there’s many clubs he can go to and it’s certainly not Man U just because ole has haaland in his dms don’t mean he’s coming

    2. Lee Maïtuerø

      @Mhavss15 OK.I said the truth.Haaland may come here even in his 30s,can you see the future or something.Are you a witch?.I only talk about this when it's realistic.

    3. Mhavss15

      @Lee Maïtuerø dream on

    4. Lee Maïtuerø

      Varane is very likely,Haaland will play for united before his career ends that's for sure.

    5. Joshua G

      Like bruh yeah we most likely can't get haaland but varane seems very possible and likely

  74. Anthony Johnson

    It's time for the Man United Board to back Ole indeed with the Title winning key signings of a CB, CDM and Haarland plus or minus Greylish !

    1. Joshua G

      Sorry to break it to you mate but we don't have the funds for haaland, the owners are upon the highest order of prats 😂

  75. Chris

    Lol look how we are struggling without him and still people want him to leave. It's crazy man

    1. Maax1200

      There are players out there besides Pogba that can do his job, and better to boot.

  76. guALa sZn

    We keep hammering fred bout he ain't good enough. Pep wanted Fred but for some reason us United fans think he ain't good enough. If Fred was at city the conversation would be different

    1. Ashutosh Maraj

      @Chris Wood Fred is playing under Ole. Most players would look dead under him.

    2. Chris Wood

      @The Yanimator Fred can’t pass and has a poor first touch. City lead us down the garden path with Fred, they were never on for him. Pep only buys midfielders who can play his way, Fred just can’t do that I’m afraid

    3. Abs Corleone

      That’s cus pep’s a tactical coach who knows what his doing and we have a ‘legend’

    4. The Yanimator

      Fred would have been pep next fernandinho. Pep would have coach him properly n make him progress.

  77. Jo Daresh

    Pogba is overrated.

    1. Jo Daresh

      @Richard Obiekwe you

    2. Richard Obiekwe

      Who would you prefer in his place, De Beek??

  78. Emperor Cesar

    I won’t pay 30M for varane. Rubbish. Next show will be Pogba happy to leave united this summer

  79. Tashaddul

    Ole Out

  80. Rafique Solomon

    Not really worried about whether Pogba stays because he clearly doesn't want to. I am worried about Bruno though. The guy has too much hunger and ambition to want to stay around for long.

    1. Yassin Hani

      Bruno is gonna leave as well